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  • Introduction

    After the conferment of a Deemed to be University status to Sri Devaraj Urs Academy of Higher Education and Research in 2007, it was necessary to strengthen the area of research to meet and sustain the concept of the university status by way of generating new ideas and knowledge. To achieve this, the Research and Development wing was established in the year 2008 to coordinate all the research related activities of the Academy. Research and Development section identifies and motivates the staff of the Academy to engage in Research and publish the findings in quality national and international journals. The University continues to publish its own scientific journal “The Journal of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences”.


    To Strive and become an advanced center for research in medical and allied fields


    To conduct research in medical and allied fields, as a strong complement to medical education and training so as to equip them for professions in healthcare, teaching and advanced research. To establish collaborative research with globally valued premier scientific institutions and other institutions of excellence in higher learning and biomedical industrial research institutions. To achieve high levels of originality by utilizing current technology applications to solve the research questions and create new insights into human disease.

    Thrust Areas

    • Molecular studies in congenital malformation
    • Oral cancer research
    • Community health research- cervical cancer, fluorosis, Health status of gold miners
    • Proteomics
    • Treatment protocol development in cardiac arrest
    Research Administration

    University Policies To Promote Research

    The university believes that research has to be the integral part of teaching-learning process as it helps the faculty to remain contemporary in their own subjects. In view of this, the university has clearly laid down policy to promote research in its constituent college. The details are as below

    • Budgetary allocation for research and research related activities is provided
    • The senior faculty is recognised to supervise the Ph.D. students
    • Submission of research projects to the university and funding agencies
    • Strengthening M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs in all the Departments
    • Active collaboration with other research institutes for carrying out research
    • Organisation of research conferences, seminars and workshops at the state, national and international levels
    • Deputation of faculty to attend conferences/seminars/workshop within India and outside.
    • Encourage research at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels
    • Incentive for publication of research papers in peer reviewed and high impact factor journals
    • Publication of one research paper by post-graduate, two research papers by Ph.D. students has been made mandatory
    • Organisation of workshops on Research Methodology at least twice in a year
    • Grant of 3 increments for those faculty members who complete Ph.D.


    To Improve the infrastructural facilities for research

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    To take measures to attract Extra mural research funding

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    To engage in Multicentric research projects

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    There are many publications releases every year.

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    We are doing and completed many researches

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    The journal of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences

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    Rules and Regulation list of Research

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    Technology Business Incubator

    Rules and Regulation list of Research

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